Thorny issues at Cactus Classic


Cactus Classic

Cactus 2015 – already off to a prickly start before the event is even underway!

Social media – it splits opinion, makes animal thugs famous and can wreck a reputation overnight, for us mere R/C lovin’ mortals it also offers a wonderful platform for news and gossip (both good and bad) to spread. Over the weekend a Facebook post was made regarding the upcoming Pro-Line sponsored Cactus Classic hosted by SRS Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona which lit the fuse bigtime!

The post was a photo of two signs hanging on the front doors of the SRS facility stating there would a spectator fee and outside food fee charged at this year’s event. Whilst its not the first R/C event to announce and charge fees, through social media, gossip and rumors across the nation it has created quite a stir.


Participants, spectators, and outsiders have all openly shared their split opinions on the matter. Some have no issues with the fees by saying, “The goal for a business is to make money. Almost all professional sporting events charge spectators.” Others do not agree, and have gone as far as creating Facebook pages to boycott the facility and event until the fees are dropped.

Cactus Classic Boycott

Regardless of who is right or wrong, most will agree that the Cactus Classic event hosted by SRS is a legendary event that has provided racers from around the globe some of the greatest 1/10 offroad R/C racing of all-time. This year’s event is the first time the Cactus Classic moves indoors, with qualifying rounds 1 and 2 kicking off on Friday.


Do you agree or disagree with the the track fees for the 2015 Cactus Classic?