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In the world of R/C car racing there is a list of names that we will always consider legends and heroes of our sport. Among that list is the one and only Brian Kinwald. Kinwald is a fan favorite on and off the track, and has been since the 90’s. Multiple World Championship titles, multiple National Championship titles, and a product line of his own are just a few of a long list of highlights on BK’s race career resume. We have sat down with the ‘Dirtinator’ to chat about the past, the present, and everything in between!

BK Old School

RCN: Welcome Brian to RCNews Word Up! We have a lot to talk about, but let’s start off talking about your racing career. For those who live under a rock and don’t know who Brian Kinwald is, tell us a bit about how you got started in R/C and some of your accomplishments over the years.

BK: Well I got into racing when I was about 15 years old, and I have 2 World Championship titles and multiple National titles.

BK Champ

RCN: You took a bit of a break from racing, and returned full-time only a few years ago correct? What brought you back?

BK: Well it wasn’t by choice that’s for sure. I have whats called crohns disease, and it got really bad for a bit, but my doctors were able to fix me up and get me back racing.

BK Worlds 2013

RCN: In addition to racing, you have worked closely with JConcepts developing tires as well. How did that all come about, and which tires have you played a role in designing?

BK: How that came about is pretty much how you would think. I love to experiment, and just got lucky here and there with some different tread designs. Over the years I have had a hand in so many different ones, but right now the Dirt Web is my favorite.

BK Gluing Tires

RCN: You have always been known for your magic tire potions and prep at the track. Recently JConcepts announced your new ‘Dirt Racing Products’ line including a few of those potions. Tell us a little about your new products, and why you decided to share your secret sauces.

BK: Yeah,  I have always liked experimenting with cleaners and sauces and such. There are 3 new things I found that I really like, and JC was cool enough to bring them to life. 1 is an all-purpose cleaner for say cleaning your car and cleaning the bead on your tires before gluing them, but can be used on  pretty much anything. The next one is a refresher. This is for rubber rejuvenation, meaning you would apply on your tires to store them overnight or longer. Third is an actual tire sauce that will give more traction and soften the rubber.

Dirt Racing

RCN: Currently you offer a kickass sauce/cleaner application brush to accompany your potions. Tell us a bit about this unique brush. 

BK: The toothbrush is more of a universal brush for everything. I like having at least 3 of them in my toolbox; 1 for sauce, 1 for cleaner, and 1 dry for other stuff. It’s just a really good brush with long medium/soft bristles, and its big to hold a lot of liquid.

Super Brush

RCN: Is there more products outside of tire prep and conditioning planned for the Dirt Racing line in the future?

BK: I really hope so, I’m having a lot of fun doing it.

RCN: You are quite a master and carbon fiber parts designing and production using nothing more than a handheld Dremel tool. Can we expect to see carbon fiber accessories from Dirt Racing?

BK: That I don’t know…

BK Truck

RCN: Let’s chat about racing. What are your thoughts on the upcoming IFMAR Offroad Worlds being held on all carpet?

BK: There’s not much to say other than HOLY COW! It’s going to be exciting and different.

RCN: Will you be in attendance either racing or spectating?

BK: That I don’t know either yet.


RCN: Do you personally feel carpet offroad is still offroad, despite the fact there is no dirt, bumps, and no real varying track conditions?

BK: No, but from a fairness aspect, its about as fair as you can get as far as surface and such.

RCN: Do you think America will see more carpet offroad facilities and races in the near future?

BK: Not sure, it would be cool to see how people take to it if so. Different is always cool, but to me dirt is still where it’s at.

Astrogate 2

RCN: What are your personal race plans and goals for the 2015 race season?

BK: My #1 goal is always to have fun. Obviously doing good at races is the most fun, but helping my sponsors in any way also gives me a lot of satisfaction. Right now working with my buddies Spencer,Tommy and the Kyle’s in Arizona is pretty fun. Hanging more with my BFF Jim Hughes in SD is a goal of mine as well.

RCN: Do you think you still have what it takes to capture a National or World Championship title?

BK: Great question. If I were to bet in Vegas I would say no (laughs), but with that said anything is possible. I still have my moments where I’m as fast as anyone, and if everything came together at the right moment…yeah!

Kinwald Radio

RCN: If you could only pick one piece of advice to share with up and coming racers, what would it be?

BK: I always say the same thing…practice makes perfect.

RCN: When you aren’t racing, what are you most likely doing?

BK: Bench racing (laughs). I don’t do anything other than R/C. When I’m home I’m watching TV and working on something R/C related.

Reedy Race BK

RCN: One thing most people don’t know about Brian Kinwald?

BK: Wow…I don’t think there is anything people don’t know?


RCN: Who is the biggest hack you know on the race track?

BK: Jim Hughes for sure (laughs). Just kidding!

RCN: Well Brian, it’s always a pleasure chatting with you! Thank you for joining us today!

BK: Thank you too!

BK Smile

Photos courtesy of JConcepts and NeoBuggy.

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