Ahmet Kasap takes two at TTS Rd.1



Round 1 of the TTS Championship was held this past weekend at Team NCRC Arena in Northern Cyprus. The venue provided racers with a high grip track, and competition levels beyond expectation. Ahmet Kasap would sweep the touring car classes, winning both Mod TC and Stock TC, while XRAY’s Niyazi Deniz piloted his way to victory in the 21.5 F1 class.


F1 Results:

  1. Niyazi Deniz
  2. Ilker Erçen
  3. Kerem Düzgit
  4. Serdar Aytemiz
  5. Umut Türkay


Mod TC Results:

  1. Ahmet Kasap
  2. Niyazi Deniz
  3. Erol Uçar
  4. Mehmet Tabak
  5. Aktuğ Kalçay


Stock TC Results:

  1. Ahmet Kasap
  2. Umut Öztümen
  3. Niyazi Deniz
  4. Serdar Aytemiz
  5. Onur Karaçuhalılar

Source: XRAY