REDS M7 World Cup S V2.0 engine



REDS Racing is always developing high performance, low fuel consumption and powerful products. Their latest engine developed is the new M7 World Cup S V2.0. The new M7 World Cup S represents the “State of the art” of 3.5 cc 1/8 On-road racing class.The engine has been optimized and provided with the newest technology to guarantee the best performance and reliability.

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The M7 World Cup S has been provided with a new flat piston and a new combustion chamber which allow to increase torque. The new flatpiston guarantees additional power at low and medium RPM preserving fuel consumption. The WCS is one of the lightest engines in its category thanks to a redesigned cooling head and due to a new combustion chamber and back-plate design.

The WCS is hand-tuned by Mario Rossi and comes with a silicone-filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft, rear ceramic bearing, RDC hard-coated backplate. Before leaving the factory the engine is hand inspected and compression checked by Mario Rossi for maximized performance.Another unique feature is the chance to have your break in, made by Mario Rossi.

Source: REDS