The R/C Complex ‘2015 Race on the Rug’


RC Complex

This past weekend hosted the 1st Annual ‘Race on the Rug‘ event at The R/C Complex in Bolivar, Missouri. The facility recently made a surprise decision to convert their dirt offroad track into a European style carpet offroad track, and with the change came the ‘Race on the Rug’ event to kickoff the new track! Winter weather plagued the area leading up to the event, but racers from multiple states still gathered to try their hand at carpet offroad racing (something quite rare in the midwest).


The R/C Complex crew put together a fresh track layout (including a massive wall ride, big air step up, and rolling rhythm section), provided racers ample practice to adjust from dirt to carpet, and offered all of the necessary wheels, tires, and support on-site throughout the event. While many racers were skeptical of the idea behind carpet offroad racing, after a full day of racing it was all smiles from the drivers.

2015 Race on the Rug Final Results:


Novice Class

  1. Everin Gray
  2. Dustin Benisch
  3. Austin Roberts

Sportsman SC


  1. Brandon Clymore
  2. Jody Beesley
  3. Duke

Stock Buggy

Stock 2wd Buggy

  1. Matthew Pyle
  2. Shane Thorington
  3. Jacob Johnson

Mod 2wd

Mod 2wd Buggy

  1. Mitchel Gardner
  2. Dustin Hamilton
  3. Dave Ferrell

Mod 4wd

Mod 4wd Buggy

  1. Mike Garrison
  2. Dave Ferrell
  3. Travis Crews

Mod Truck

Mod Stadium Truck

  1. Dave Ferrell
  2. Jeff Bolin
  3. Tim

Mod 2wd SC

Mod 2wd Short Course

  1. Joe Garton
  2. Jason Jackson
  3. Ron Myers

The R/C Complex is one of the first in the Missouri at this time to make the switch from dirt to carpet, but something tells us they won’t be the last.