Axial’s retro designed Spawn body


Axial Spawn Body

Axial Racing has just released their new ‘Spawn’ body for the Wraith, SCX10, and AX10 platforms. For this project, Axial wanted to create a body that had a classic feel with modern styling.

“Just as we have seen in the use of retro designs in the auto industry, with cars like the Dodge Challenger, we have also seen offroaders use classic trucks in modern builds. To implement this idea, our Design and Marketing teams brainstormed and discussed some of our favorite trucks and SUVs from the late-70s and early-80s. Taking those vehicles into consideration, the Design team then studied the iconic styling cues of these vehicles and began sketching ideas. As a result, we developed those ideas and created a unique retro styled Axial SUV body – the Spawn.”

AX31176_spawn_scx10-4985_800px AX31176_spawn_scx10-4978_800px AX31176_spawn_scx10-4973_800px AX31176_spawn_scx10-4969_800px

Source: Axial