2015 Novak Offroad Race at The Plex


Novak Offroad Race

The Novak race returns for its fourth year to Hobbytown USA Hobbyplex in Omaha, Nebraska! All the elements that have made this race a success are back, including Bob Novak’s attendance.

“Along with the traditional racing format and classes, we will once again offer a Short Course class with a special elimination style format. There will be a qualifying heat, semi, LCQ and final event ran each day. Points will be tallied from both Sat and Sun to determine the overall top ten. This year’s class is called the Edge SX-SCT. Each entrant will be provided with a handout Edge 13.5 system with the option to purchase at the end of the event.”

Please be advised, entries must be paid by April 3rd. Any entries not paid will be deleted. Any entries taken after the 3rd must be paid at the time of signup.



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