Pro-Line officially releases the ‘Fuel Stick’


Proline Fuel Stick

The Pro-Line Fuel Stick is finally here, but in VERY limited quantities! Used in Ty Tessmann’s dominating performance at the 2014 IFMAR Buggy Worlds, the Fuel Stick is designed as a no expense spared successor to the original Pro-Line Fuel Gun. The Fuel Stick is the result of months of development by the Pro-Line team with input from the Tessmann and McBride families. Making the Fuel Stick stand out is the trigger orientation that makes refueling a truck or buggy more ergonomic especially when doing so over high pit walls. Also great for use with 1:8 & 1:10 Nitro On-Road Cars.

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Built for ultra-fast refueling, the nozzle tip is also designed to fill your tank completely. The diffuser screen covering the outlet prevents excess splashing and prevents large bubbles from forming during filling. When it’s time to see how much fuel you used, check the easy to read gauge marked in 10cc increments for accurate measurement at a glance. With a price tag of $289.95 you might assume this is made of gold, however, it is actually built using aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with stainless hardware throughout. While the Pro-Line Fuel Stick may not be so easy on the wallet, it is in fact a World Championship winning device…just ask Ty Tessmann.


Source: Pro-Line