Word of Wheels: R/C Tips to Remember


WOW Tips

Over the past several years, I have been delighted to see more and more of my friends join the R/C racing scene. Some are ex-motocross racers, some are ex-real car racers, and some have never raced anything in their life. While their backgrounds are all very different, one thing that they all share in common is the desire to win. In an effort to learn what it takes to win, they are always asking what the most important tips and tricks of R/C racing really are. I have put together my top 10 things to remember for new and experienced R/C racers alike!

Mike’s Top 10 R/C Racing Tips to Remember:

1) Many electronics today are labeled “Waterproof”. Unless your racing for a World Championship in the rain, it is not your job to test the waterproofing of your car’s components. #SayNoToPuddles

2)R/C racing tires are designed for racing. The rubber compounds and treads are specifically designed to perform on race tracks…not parking lots. Do NOT waste your tires showing off in the neighborhood streets and empty church parking lots.

3) Some cars are better than others, but at this time there is no magic car. In other words, buying a new car each week will not magically take you from a mid-pack D-Main driver to running with stars.

4) If you are R/C drag racing, buy the absolute fastest motor you can find. If you are doing any other form of R/C racing, buy a motor that YOU personally can drive in control, and turn consistent laps. You can only drive your car as fast as you can control it.

5) The object of racing is to pass the competition, key word being “pass”. The definition of pass means to travel around the other drivers…NOT smash into them hoping you will end up ahead of them.

6) Despite many beliefs, 99.9% of the time a corner marshall is not responsible for your bad driving. Therefore, yelling and screaming at them to fix your mistakes (flip your car back over) is highly unnecessary.

7)When you suck…you suck. We all have bad days, and its okay to own up to the fact when you do. Do not fill the pits with bulls**t reasons as to why you lost the race.

8) R/C racing often means spending extended amounts of time in small places with large amounts of men…and only men. On the slim chance a female does enter the facility, it is perfectly okay to act normal and go about your business. Dropping your wrenches, staring awkwardly, and whipping out your cheesiest pickup line is NOT necessary.

9)While your R/C car is not actually alive, you don’t have to test that by doing everything possible to kill it. Example; if you have 7 battery packs charged…you don’t have to run them back-to-back-to-back-to-back. A small break between runs is a nice time to let your car cool down, check for loose screws, etc.

10) Each year thousands of dollars is spent by manufacturers to design and create high quality tools. These tools are sold and too often used for display purposes only. Believe it or not, these tools were actually intended to be removed from your tool box, to actual perform maintenance on your car, and work just as good as they look.


Over the years of racing I have learned a lot of tips, tricks, and things to remember. As with everyone, I am still learning more and more every race. While they may not apply to everyone, I hope that these 10 tips to remember will enhance your racing experience for years to come. Enjoy your racing!