Schumacher Mi5 ‘Twin Point Steering’


Schumache Mi5EVO Updates

Schumacher is pleased to inform us about the new Twin Point Steering, and some further updates for the Mi5evo. This new Twin Point Steering system for the Mi5evo has been developed during high end racing activities and testing by Schumacher engineers to provide a smoother more consistent steering feel. This was shown by Elliott Harper in his great ‘A’ main performance against the Worlds best at the ETS in Germany a few weeks ago. The new Twin system includes an innovative lock stop triangle as shown. Included in the kit are three different sized triangles, to adjust the overall lock to tune the car for different track conditions.


Also new for the Mi5evo is this new ‘O’ ring seal set. The new range of ‘O’ rings will improve the seal of the Schumacher gear diff to prevent leakage. (will also fit any Schumacher gear diff)


After extensive testing Schumacher has also updated the Mi5evo diff and spool sliders.The sliders are made from a new improved material which is harder wearing and has improved slip characteristics. PTFE Coated.Longer lasting and less rebuilds.

Source: Schumacher