DNC pre-race interview with Adam Drake


Adam Drake

As the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge is only days away, we have caught up with legendary racer, Adam Drake, as prepares to embark on a new journey in his R/C racing career. While he wouldn’t reveal his exact plans before the event (where many suspect he will debut his new sponsor/plans), he did share some encouraging news that his departure from TLR/Horizon is NOT the end of ‘The Drake’ in R/C.

“Yes, I will continue to race and work in the industry. I’m taking my time and studying my options.”


RCN: Hello Adam! Thanks for joining us for a quick chat today. Let’s kick off by talking a bit about your relationship with TLR/Horizon. When did you first team up with the company?

Adam: My pleasure. I started as a team driver shortly after the ROAR 1/10th electric nationals in 1994. I moved to California in 2000 to work for Horizon Hobby / TLR.


RCN: Was the departure from TLR/Horizon your choice? If so, why? If not, are their hard feelings between you two?

Adam: It wasn’t my choice, but I don’t have any hard feelings. My time at TLR / Horizon was great and I was able to meet so many great people and work on a number of amazing projects.

Drake Friends

RCN: Obviously over the years you built a lot of friendships there, are you still in contact with many of them?

Adam: Yes, I’m still in contact with my friends.

RCN: The big question remains, what are your plans now? Will you continue as a racer with another brand?

Adam: Yes, I will continue to race and work in the industry. I’m taking my time and studying my options.

Adam Drake Plans

RCN: Do you plan to pursue a job within the industry? Possibly with one of your sponsors such as Pro-Line or Novarossi?

Adam: Yes, I plan to continue to work in the industry. Pro-Line and Novaroosi are both great companies and I will continue to race and help with the development of their products.

Adam Drake Sneak

RCN: Speaking of Novarossi, it seems as though they have lost a good number of European team drivers for 2015. Any ideas or thoughts on this?

Adam: I’m not sure, but Novarossi has been extremely busy in the off-season and the 2015 engine line is amazing!

The Drake

RCN: Has there been any consideration of starting your own brand of products?

Adam: That’s always been in the back of my mind, but it’s a fine line to walk when you race and work for other companies in the industry. I’m committed to helping the companies I race for make the best products in the industry.

RCN: Aside from the Dirt Nitro Challenge, what other races and events do you plan to attend for 2015?

Adam: My plan is to have a similar travel schedule to what I’ve had in the past. The normal major races (DNC, Silver State, ROAR Nationals, ext…) as well as a number of races like AMS, PNB, JBRL, ect…


RCN: You most recently are known for your 1/8 scale offroad racing, but over the years you have had a lot of success in the 1/10 scale scene as well. Is there any plans to return to 1/10 scale racing for you?

Adam: My primary focus will continue to be 1/8th nitro and electric.


RCN: Your thoughts on the 1/10 World Championships being held on carpet/astroturf?

Adam: Racing on carpet /astroturf will be consistent. I was surprised they changed the rule less than one year before the event. I would prefer to see it on dirt, but at the end of the day, it’s the same for everyone

RCN: We know you are a busy man, and sincerely appreciate you taking the time to chat today. We wish you the best of luck this week at the Dirt Nitro Challenge!

Adam: Thank you!!