Triton RC & PICCO part ways in America


Picco Triton Split

Triton RC will no longer distribute the PICCO brand in the U.S . Instead they will now bring their own engine line to the market.

Triton RC/ RcRenew owner, Lance Heidmann, has worked closely with PICCO the last 3 years not only as the U.S. distributor, but also helping them develop new off road engines for the brand. Going way beyond the duties of a distributor, it only made sense to both PICCO and Triton to make this move.

Lance Heidmann says, “Being so heavily involved it only made sense that I focus all this attention to my own brand of engines. This will allow me to further improve and implement my proprietary designs as well as expand my engine lineup in the future. Working with PICCO has been great and our relationship is stronger than ever and I am thankful for the friendship we have made. I am glad I was able to be a part of helping bring PICCO back in the U.S. off road realm. Now I look forward to introducing my Triton engine line to the RC world.”

PICCO says, “We would like to thank Lance for representing our brand in the U.S the last 3 years. Lance is not only a good businessman but also highly skilled in 2 stroke RC engine design and very passionate about his work. This drive, passion and knowledge has led him to develop his own engine line and we wish him all his deserved success.”

Triton engines are expected to arrive approximately the end of February. 

Source: Triton