MIP super-sizes Bypass 1 Shock System


MIP 5IVE-T Bypass1 Shocks

MIP is proud to introduce their new 32mm Big Bore Bypass1 shock system for the Losi 5IVE-T 1/5 scale. This new Big Bore system allows the truck to be more responsive, predictable, and stable. These attributes equate to the truck being able to jump and land more confidently, as well as take corners without thinking about maxing out and flipping over. With the race proven MIP Bypass1 system equipped and two sets of springs included, you are sure to find any setup your heart desires.

“LAZY, UNPREDICTABLE, MUSHY, MAXED OUT, all of these words describe the current OEM system that plagues the Losi 5t’s suspension. With the coming of bigger engines, larger tracks, and harsher conditions, the current platform is simply limited with a 28mm shock system that is trying to work a 40 pound monster around a track. WE as a WHOLE deal with this issue because there are little to no options for a fix, until now!” – MIP

Source: MIP