VRC announces virtual Monpellier GP


Virtual Racing Industries has added a new outdoor offroad track: circuit MBM – MONTPELLIER – France. This exciting new track was created in close collaboration with the Montpellier club. It’s a typical French style track carved out in the terrain, and VRI’s graphics and 3D artist Tony West has delivered yet another masterpiece by capturing the right atmosphere and character of this track spot on!

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The release of the Montpellier track coincides with the 2015 Grand Prix de Montpellier, the European season opener which will attract a host of top level offroad racers from Europe and beyond. For those who can’t make it to Montpellier (and let’s face it, just a lucky 120 racers or so will…) they can now get the Montpellier track in VRC Pro and compete in the “Virtual GP de Montpellier” starting Friday, February 13th. CLICK HERE to see more of the Virtual Montpellier track!

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There will be open and Spec class events for 1:8 nitro buggies and 1:10 electric short course trucks. The new MONTPELLIER track will be FREE until Monday 16th, so racers from around the world can participate in these events for absolutely FREE!

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Source: VRC