REDS unveils new EVOKE V2.0 engine


REDS Evoke 2

REDS Racing is always developing high performance, low fuel consumption and innovative products. Their latest engine developed is the new R7 Evoke V2.0, specially aimed at the use on low grip and narrow circuits where the special torque curve of the engine can give an advantage. The engine is designed with improved fuel efficiency, performance and reliability in mind. It is derived from the well-known R7 Evoke V1.0 and used by most of REDS Team drivers such as Cody King, Elliott Boots, Alex Zanchettin, Joseph Quagraine, Jerome Aigoin, Cole Ogden and others.

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R7 Evoke engine comes with REDS Racing revolutionary HCX Horizontal carburettor and along with R5T Team Edition V3.0 are the only ones on earth to boast this forward-thinking technology. The HCX Horizontal carburettor guarantees higher idle stability, more precise tuning, easier access to high speed needle and higher mid/top range power.

R7 Evoke main features: Sleeve with 7 inlet ports and exhaust port with boosters; HCX Horizontal carb; silicon filled, balanced and tuned crankshaft; front high sealing bearing; rear ceramic high quality bearing; RDC hard coating back plate; long needle carburetor.

REDS R7 Evoke is hand-tuned by Mario Rossi. Before leaving the factory the engine is hand inspected and compression checked by Mario Rossi for maximized performance.

Cody King has this to say about the engine: I always look for an engine that not only has power but drivability. The R7 Evoke has the smoothest power delivery I have experienced in any engine, along with the power when I need it. Drivable power equals smaller lap times. Now with the HCX carburetor, it’s smooth power along with the most consistent tune possible.