Driemeier takes proto SCX-61 to victory


Justin Driemeier

The weekend of Feb 6-8 was the first race in the JConcepts Indoor National Series held at Smac Trac Raceway near St. Louis, Missouri. Over 270 entries gathered for some great racing on this tight high traction indoor circuit. New to the series this year, traction compound has been outlawed. X Factory’s Justin Driemeier drove an hour from his home in Park Hills with his brand new SCX – 61 prototype short course truck along with a new X – 6 Cubed and and X – 60CF stadium truck to enter three classes; he made the A main with all three.

In the 8-minute short course A main, TQ Luke Richards made an unforced early error allowing X Factory’s Paul Sinclair through into the lead with his own SCX – 61 for a couple of laps before he touched a tube and fell back. Driemeier, driving patiently from second on the grid, took over the lead with Matt Gosch hot on his tail. They had a great battle for several laps before Matt made an error and fell back a few seconds. Meanwhile, TQ Richards was fighting his way back up through the pack, catching up to Driemeier in the closing laps. Richards went for the pass on the last lap leading up to the double, but his transmission failed on the way up the hill, and there the truck sat, letting the next three trucks through. Driemeier of course took the win.

“This new truck is just awesome,” said Justin after the race. “It’s very easy to drive very fast, like all X Factory vehicles. The new truck is easier to configure than almost anything else. I started with a saddle pack in practice, but switched to shorty sideways in front of the motor in the middle of the day so the truck would be more nimble on this tight indoor lay-out. It worked great here, and I can easily switch to a stick pack for outdoors if I want.”

Source: X Factory