FX announces B5 Diamond Coat engine


fx b5 dc_new_hi-res

The new FX B5 engine is based on the ultra-successful 5K, and brings all the refinements and improvements. The new B5 comes in DC version which means it has diamond coated crankshaft and ceramic bearing and will be available as a separate engine or in a great value combo with muffler & manifold. 

Based on the experience from the mass production, and from the collected feedback from customers using the engines all around the world in various track conditions, FX has continued their work and transferred all the latest knowledge and feedback into the all-new B5.

“With the recent announcement that Martin Bayer has joined our R&D team I am more than confident that we will push the development further and as such will ensure the customers to have always some of the best performing and most reliable engines…the FX engine.” – Juraj Hudy

Source: XRAY