Rheinard, Cerny, Ratheisky win ETS Rd.2



Round 2 of the Euro Touring Series (ETS) took place in Germany this past weekend. After some close racing, March Rheinard would make his way to the top step of the podium in the Mod Touring class ahead of Ronald Volker and Yannic Prumper. XRAY’s Marek Cerny led an XRAY podium sweep in the Pro Stock class with Mike Gosvig and Jan Ratheisky finishing second and third. Last, but not least, the growing F1 class saw yet another XRAY sweep as Jan Ratheisky, Bruno Coelho, and Francesco Martini went 1-2-3 driving the new X1. 

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  1. Marc Rheinard
  2. Ronald Volker
  3. Yannic Prumper
  4. Alexander Hagberg
  5. Viktor Wilck
  6. Christopher Krapp
  7. Marc Fisher
  8. Bruno Coelho
  9. Elliott Harper
  10. Loic Jasmin

Pro Stock:

  1. Marek Cerny
  2. Mike Gosvig
  3. Jan Ratheisky
  4. Max Machler
  5. Helge Johannessen
  6. Lars Hoppe
  7. Patrick Gassauer
  8. Kevon Sparbier
  9. Alex Piperato
  10. Henrik Heitsch


  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. Bruno Coelho
  3. Francesco Martini
  4. Roman Pichler
  5. Mike Gosvig
  6. Olivier Bultynck
  7. Davide Carbone
  8. David Ehrbahr
  9. Philipp Hagnauer
  10. Tony Mur

Source: XRAY