JQRacing’s 25-hour test of THECar


THECar 25 Hour Test

Rarely do you see a top pro driver suffer from vehicle durability issues, but then again many top pro drivers have unlimited parts supplies to build and re-build their car before every race. For the average racer however, access to unlimited parts supply and anytime rebuilds isn’t always possible, therefore a vehicle’s long-term durability is an important aspect of deciding which car is right for you. JQRacing’s Joseph Quagraine has completed a 25-hour durability test of THECar White Edition, and has published his results for you to see.

“Last year I performed a durability test on THECar White Edition. I built a new car for the Nitro Challenge 2014 in February in USA, and then documented each time I drove the car. I only replaced parts that broke, in order to see how the wear rate is on the car, and if anything breaks due to stress and the rigors of racing. I practiced and raced on a variety of different tracks in various different conditions, from hot South Africa, to mild Michigan, and cool Finland.”

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