Ralph Burch continues with XRAY


v_Ralph Burch_resign baner

XRAY is proud to announce that the on-road super star and World Champion Ralph Burch will race all the on-road classes in 2015 with XRAY. Ralph will attend all major races to support the XRAY USA team and will race with RX8, NT1, T4 & X12.

Ralph says, “I have been very happy for the work our XRAY USA team has achieved over the last decade and including the last year. Over the years we have built a very effective team work & cooperation which has resulted into some of my best achievements in my racing career including the World Champion title. We have a strong commitment to continue our work to provide the best possible service & support and I will do my best at all the major USA races as usually. I will be available to any XRAY drivers with any their questions or comments and I am looking forward to see you all during the 2015 at the races.”

Source: XRAY