New O.S. T1201 Speed touring engine


OS Speed Engine

Made for competitors who need the most from their engine, the T1201 Speed from O.S. is a winning combination of factory-tuning, quality craftsmanship, and top notch technology. It’s designed to leave the competition spittin’ grit and you grinning on the podium. Among its top features are a long stroke, hand-matched piston and cylinder, newly designed, low-CG cylinder head, slide valve carburetor, DLC Crankshaft, and more. 


  • Hand-matched cylinder liner and piston for improved fit and seal
  • Newly designed, light weight head with machined cooling holes and low CG
  • Easy to use slide-valve 12F3 carb
  • Rear ceramic ball bearings for reduced resistance
  • New crankcase design provides efficient fuel flow from intake to exhaust
  • DLC crankshaft with Tungsten weights and potted with silicone

Source: Hobbico