Martin Bayer joins FX Racing Engines


FB Baner joins FX - predloha

It seemed only a matter of time before XRAY’s star man Martin Bayer would be ‘integrated’ into the XRAY/FX portfolio, no need for a crystal ball to foresee this move happening as Bayer leaves behind LRP to run the even shorter abbreviated ‘FX’.

FX is happy to announce that the European Champion & World Championship finalist and some of the finest off-road drivers Martin Bayer has joined the FX team and will be part of the R&D team. Martin will race the FX engines around the globe and will be responsible for the ongoing development and tests of the entire FX off-road engine line and will provide technical support and help.

“I have been working with Juraj for several years and he is the most dedicated, passionate and hardest working guy in the RC industry. As I have been always looking for new challenges and want to improve my knowledge & skills I did not hesitate at all when I got offer from FX to be part of the R&D team.

As I have seen the in-house production which is second to none I was sure about the manufacturing capability and possibilities. After several extensive tests I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the engine and was really confident to get into this new adventure. I am really excited and will do all my best both with racing and the further development of the engine. I will be traveling around the world and will be available for technical support to the FX drivers so do not hesitate to see me.” – Martin Bayer

Source: XRAY