XRAY debuts XB2 prototype at EOS



This past weekend hosted the most recent round of the EOS (Euro Offroad Series) in Berlin. The racers were greeted with a spectacular venue, and heavy competition. The 2wd Buggy class was won by Lee Martin with David Ronnefalk in second, but all eyes were on the buggy in third. XRAY’s Martin Bayer drove his way to a podium finish driving the all-new XRAY XB2 prototype.

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Bayer says, “We had a team meeting at the XRAY factory with Miguel Matias and Martin Wollanka on Wednesday, where we received the prototype of the XB2. Our team made a small practice with this prototype. On Thursday we moved to Berlin to the second EOS race. On Friday there was practice in both categories 4WD and 2WD. After the qualifications of 2WD I placed fifth and Martin Wollanka placed fourth, so we started in Final A, finally I finished third and Martin Wollanka fifth. I am really satisfied with our XB2 prototype.”

This is no doubt an impressive result for the XB2′s debut, and we anxiously await to see more of the car in the near future.

EOS Rd.2 Final Results:

Top 10 2WD

  1. Lee Martin
  2. David Ronnefalk
  3. Martin Bayer
  4. Jorn Nuemann
  5. Martin Wollanka
  6. Juho Levanen
  7. Joakim Nicolaisen
  8. Michal Orlowski
  9. Shin Adachi
  10. Patrick Hofer

Top 10 4WD

  1. Jorn Nuemann
  2. Lee Martin
  3. David Ronnefalk
  4. Robert Batlle
  5. Patrick Hofer
  6. Hupo Honigl
  7. Martin Wollanka
  8. Martin Bayer
  9. Joakim Nicolaisen
  10. Simon Moss

Source: XRAY