RDRP B5/B5M option front bulkhead set


RDRP Bulkhead Set

The new Revolution Design Racing Products B5/B5M Multi Option Front Bulkhead Aluminium Set is made to replace the standard plastic composite bulkhead in B5, B5M and T5M kits with a heavier and more rigid part in order to adjust the vehicle’s weight distribution while adding durability at the same time. The part is made from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium material and it comes blue anodized and laser-etched for easy identification. Included is also an aluminium front suspension pin brace to round out the factory look and to help add rigidity and precision.

RDRP0251-7 RDRP0251-6 (1) RDRP0251-6 RDRP0251-5 RDRP0251-4 RDRP0251-3 RDRP0251-2 RDRP0251-1


While the slightly heavier part shifts the weight distribution to the front of the vehicle in order to reduce wheelies on high-bite surfaces the metal bulkhead also helps to calm down the front end on bumpy surfaces and it can help adding steering in low-bite conditions. On top of that the included delrin bulkhead inserts allow to run 25 degree or 30 degree wishbone kick-up to further fine-tune the steering characteristics without having to swap the whole bulkhead.

Source: RDRP