MIP delivers alu 3-gear B5M transmission


MIP Gear Box

Rear motor or mid motor for stock racing? This question is debated among racers as it is a tossup of whether to have more corner speed (mid motor) or less drag / more initial punch (rear motor). Now the next question arises, why can’t we have both? The answer is the MIP BOX! This new 7075 Aluminum 3-gear transmission for the Team Associated B5M bridges that gap and gives your mid motor buggy all the benefits of the rear motor car but less drag and more initial punch. Not only does the BOX eliminate one idler gear to equate to less drag but it’s all aluminum construct offers a huge advantage pertaining to more precise internal gear mesh, less overall heat, and stiffer bracing.


  • Machined cases offer higher precision which optimizes gear mesh and efficiency when compared to molded plastic cases
  • Aluminum construct acts as a giant heat sink which will cool the motor offering more consistent power due to reduced fade (less heat more power).
  • Aluminum construct will offer stiffer bracing over plastic OEM case.
  • Aluminum 3-gear MIP Transmission package is relatively the same overall weight as OEM 4-gear transmission. This will keep the weight distribution the same as what the car was designed to have. (MIP BOX 5.5 grams heavier)
  • Motor offset 3mm to the right to optimize left to right weight distribution and balance (small spacer and new spring provided to accommodate this feature)
  • Less drag than a four gear transmission design (one less idler gear).
  • 50% Lighter gear cover over stock
  • 7075 Aluminum
  • Made 100% in the USA

Source: MIP