WRCR Winter Series Rd.6 report



The Washtenaw R/C Raceway Winter Series Round #6 was held Saturday, January 17, 2015. The race entries totaled 137 in 15 classes, with many new drivers attending. This program is located just south of Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds. The heated facility is a 100x52ft track with large driver’s stand and pit area. The nine race series allows two drops leading to the series title. In addition to the track and pit space, there is a full-service track side hobby shop provided by Nankin Hobbies.

Race Report Tom Erickson, Photos by Dave Ferris

2wd Mod Buggy Class:

The 6th round of the Washtenaw Winter Series had 11 top drivers enter the 2wd Mod Buggy class. This class is so close that qualifying becomes very important. In the first round of qualifying points leader Kenny Ferris set the early pace but it was far from normal lap times given the track conditions. Kenny improved his time in the second round but it was not good enough to hold TQ as Conner Stanley was able to break into the 15 lap range. The grid was not set until the last qualifier as Kenny pushed hard to beat Conner’s TQ pace. Forrest Remington also made a charge on the last qualifier but it was not good enough to jump ahead of Conner. At the start of the main event the pack of Modified Buggies went through the course without much incident. On the second lap Conner had some trouble and dropped to 8th place as Chris Peterson passed Forrest for 2nd place. Conner bounced back to 4th on the third lap. As the pack started to stretch out Forrest challenged Chris for 2nd place and was able to make it stick. Conner was forced to retire leaving 4th place to Ben Belote who came from 9th place on the first lap picking off drivers each lap. Kenny was on cruise control until Forrest reduced the gap significantly. The closing laps were exciting as Forrest kept the pressure on Kenny but it was not enough to overtake. The results were Kenny in 1st place. Forrest in 2nd place. and Chris Peterson in 3rd.


Current Mod 2wd Buggy Season Points (2 drops):
1st Kenny Ferris 404
2nd Chris Peterson 395
3rd Forrest Remington 392

4wd Mod Buggy Class

The 4wd Mod Buggy class is the fastest class on the track this season. These cars are able to work through the traction conditions without too much trouble. In qualifying Patrick Ferris set the early TQ with a time that was comparable to previous events. In the second round of qualifying Forrest Remington was able to push his Team Durango a few seconds faster than Patrick’sfirst round results. Forrest’s time would hold in the third round as Patrick closed in within less than a second to grab 2nd qualifier. Conner Stanley’s second round was good enough to hold 3rd. The start was clean as the lead group rounded the initial hairpin. Patrick had trouble through the double berm jump sending him back to 7th. On the next lap Conner had some trouble and was passed by Trevor West. Chris Peterson and Trevor held very close to the back of Forrest and were able to pass him when he stuffed it into a tube. Forrest got around Trevor on the 7th lap as Patrick was trying hard to regain a podium spot filing right behind him. Pat briefly held 3rd place as Conner charged back and took it from him. Lap times of the top 4 cars were so close and they held these positions for some laps. Forrest was not planning to settle for 2nd place and was able to get by Chris for the lead. Chris responded and was able to get by Forrest in the closing laps winning by only 0.323 seconds. Conner was close behind for 3rd place. The season points are very close among the top 5 drivers in this class.


Current 4wd Buggy Season Points (2 drops):
1st Forrest Remington 399
2nd Chris Peterson 397
3rd Conner Stanley 396

Open 2wd Short Course Class

Team Lost Cause Motorsports fields 3 drivers in this class all vying for a shot at the podium. Conner has dominated this class each time he participates. He was able to set TQ early and hold it after three rounds of qualifying. Randy Drapinski was able to run fast and smooth and was closing in each round on Conner holding 2nd place in qualifying. Mark Riegle solidified 3rd place in the second round. The challenging track conditions made it hard for these 2wd Short Course trucks to find traction. At the start of the main event Conner lead the field around the first lap without any change in position. Randy rolled his truck allowing Mark and Josh Salewsky to get by him. These three were running close together for the opening laps with Randy coming out ahead. Josh held off Mark for a few laps until Mark was able to squeeze by to grab the third spot. Conner maintained a steady pace and was able to retain the lead to the finish. Randy had to settle for 2nd place as Conner was too far ahead to catch after the initial battles with Mark and Josh. In the closing laps Josh was able to capitalize and get around Mark and hold to finish for 3rd place.


Current Open 2wd SCT Season Points (2 drops):
1st Conner Stanley 403
2nd Randy Drapinski 400
3rd Zachery Kohler 385

2wd Mod Truck Class

The Mod Truck class just might get an infusion with the new release of the Team Associated T5M and TLR 22T 2.0. These trucks were able to put the power down even with the challenging traction condition. The ambient temperatures had dropped below freezing long enough to freeze the track which took some time to thaw during the day. Conner Stanley continued to show that his Mod Truck was tuned and ready to run. He was able to TQ every round of qualifying. C.J. Boka ran smooth and was able to hold off Mark Thompson for 2nd place at the start with Mark in third. At the start Conner took off never looking back. C.J. was following in 2nd place setting a very fast pace. Trevor West held thrid place in the open laps as Mark struggled early on. Mark began to consistently improve his pace first passing Trevor and setting his sites on CJ. His consistency paid off as he was able to pass CJ for 2nd place. The podium was set with 4 laps to go with Conner in 1st, Mark in 2nd, and C.J. in 3rd.


Current Mod 2wd Truck Season Points (2 drops):
1st Conner Stanley 404
2nd CJ Boka 397
3rd Mark Thompson 394

4×4 Short Course Class

The 4×4 Short Course class continues to have good turn outs with 11 entries this round. Matt Lemorie is unstoppable in this class with a TQ each round. This time Mark Riegle was able to set a pace to hold 2nd place in qualifying. Randy Drapinski was challenged by Josh Salewsky and Andy Dresselhouse for the 3rd spot on the starting grid and held it. The start was clean for Matt as he lead around the initial hairpin and took off. Josh started 5th and found himself in 2nd place on the first lap as the leaders tangled. Randy was able to retain 3rd place with Matt Haugh right behind him. Mark fell back to the 8th spot as the dust cleared. Mark started to pick off drivers as he charged back to the lead pack first passing Glenn Handy then Matt Haugh after Andy got in front of him. A few laps latter Mark was all over the back of Andy. Josh was working to keep up the pace and hold 2nd place and Mark and Randy were coming up behind him. Midway through the race on the same lap Randy tangled with a tube, Josh landed hard off the table step-down and Mark slipped through taking over 2nd place. As Mark got away clean Josh and Randy had Andy coming up on them and the three were set to battle for the last spot on the podium. Josh and Randy had a pace that Andy could not hold and they slipped ahead. The two would trade positions for a few laps before Josh got away clean enough to create a gap. In the end Josh would hold onto 3rd place with a 5 second gap on Randy.


Current 4×4 Short Course Season Points (2 drops):
1st Matt Lemorie 404
2nd Randy Drapinski 391
3rd Greg Shelton 384

13.5 Spec Short Course Truck class – Sponsored by Nankin and Duratrax

One of the more exciting classes this season is the Spec SCT class. Each driver running the same Duratrax 13.5t fixed timing motor and RC King 40c 5000mAH battery means it is up to the drivers to keep pace. TQ would be set by Conner Stanley ahead of Tom Erickson and then Ben Belote. At the start Conner and Tom got off and charged into the Double berm jump. Ben, Matt Lemorie and Mark Thompson tangled in the first turn letting Tom and Conner to create a gap. The leaders tangled in the berm and all 5 drivers bunched up as they entered the mogul section. Tom rolled it through the s-turn and Conner, Mark, and Ben were able to get past. As they came around for the second lap heading into the hairpin Mark was able to take over the lead with Conner and Ben very close. The three coupled tight allowing Tom to get past. Matt followed Tom and was side by side with Ben going for 2nd place as they hit the double. Ben landed on the tube allowing Matt to get ahead. The top 5 spread out a little as Tom was starting to build a large gap. Half way through the race Ben and Conner were closing in on Matt as he landed the double wrong allowing them both to pass. Then Tom rolled his truck in the hairpin allowing Ben and Conner to close in setting up a three way battle for the win. The next laps were mayhem as Tom stuffed his truck into the tubes at the double allowing Ben and Conner to pass. Conner landed hard off the table step-down allowing Tom to get by and charge toward Ben. Ben and Tom entered the double and clashed side by side with Tom getting out first and Conner close behind Ben for the remaining laps. The top three would finish within 3 seconds of each other with Tom in 1st, Ben in 2nd and Conner in 3rd. The points race is very close with all three capable of winning the overall title.


Current Spec SCT Season Points (2 drops):
1st Tom Erickson 401
2nd Ben Belote 398
3rd Conner Stanley 397

Stock 17.5 Buggy Class

The Washtenaw Winter Series is drawing ever closer to the finale. Going into this event Nat Potter had won 4 of 5 events with Sean Carney finishing second in 3 of those. They have both traded TQ points keeping the series title open. Qualifying showed the consistency of these drivers with Nat and Sean going one-two each round. Joe Ferris was also consistent in each round solidifying 3rd place. The main event was full of marshals in the racing lanes with cars going evey which way. The leaders, Nat and Sean, got ahead of the mess and stayed close during the initial laps. After the hairpin Nat caught a tube allowing a tentative Sean to get by to take the lead. Behind Nat and Sean, Joe and Steve Suriano also had similar conditions with Joe letting Steve by after clipping a tube. No one was left unscathed but Sean built up a lead that Nat could not overcome. Joe would get by Steve to capture the 3rd spot. With these results the points gap for the title was reduced to only 3. The remaining races will be exciting.


Current 2wd Stock Buggy Season Points (2 drops):
1st Nat Potter 402
2nd Sean Carney 399
3rd Joe Ferris 391

Stock 17.5 Truck Class

The Stock Truck class is getting very interesting as the top drivers are starting to get close to each other in lap times. In this 6th round of the Washtenaw Winter Series it was Dan Dresselhouse setting the early TQ and resetting it in the last Qualifier. Uncle Bob did his best to try to unseat Dan but missed by a few seconds. C.J. Boka was able to get into the mix and almost pushed Bob to 3rd without success. In the main Dan had a great start and was able to build a gap as Bob and CJ. Andy Dresselhouse was right behind them waiting to capitalize on any mistake. Once Bob got clear of C.J. he drove some very smooth and consistent laps and caught up to Dan. C.J. then caught a tube allowing Andy to pass. Bob would out corner Dan just before the table step-down and take over the lead. The next few laps had Bob in the lead with Dan about 5 seconds back after tangling with a lapped vehicle and C.J. and Andy trading positions. Bob created a gap that Dan could not fully recover. The third spot went to C.J. Boka who was able to get clear of Andy.


Current Stock Truck Season Points (2 drops):
1st Uncle Bob 404
2nd Dan Dresselhouse 398
3rd C.J. Boka 393

Stock 17.5 Short Course Truck Class

The Stock Short Course class this round was a little lighter that previous rounds with only 14 entries but is still one of the largest classes. Qualifying was divided into two heats with Dan Dresselhouse setting the TQ after the first round. Uncle Bob answered in the second and third round setting the TQ with Dan still holding 2nd place and Sean Carney in 3rd. At the start both Dan and Bob got away as the rest of the pack bunched up on the hairpin. Tom Massel was able to get through and charge to the double as Bob got caught on the tubes. Dan took off taking the lead with Tom Massel not far behind. Bob was knocked down to 8th place. Steve Suriano was also able to get through the mess and follow Tom through the first lap in 3rd. Dan was able to take advantage of a free track for a few laps and build up a large lead with Tom Massel holding strong in 2nd. Third place was contested nearly every lap with Greg Campbell taking over from Steve and Sean Carney finally taking it away from Greg. As Dan and then Tom started to catch lapped traffic it quickly became difficult to maintain pace. Sean made a move on Tom and took over 2nd place for a lap as Bob was now back in the mix. Sean got caught in a tube at the double leaving Tom some breathing room as Bob continued to press his pace. With one minute left Dan, in first place, was behind Tom and Bob about to lap them as they battled back and forth for 2nd place. On the last lap Bob crossed the line in second place. Tom ran a better line through the s-turns and passed Bob racing door-to-door down the front straight. Tom was able to hold his lines and block all passing attempts by Bob. It was Dan taking his first win in commanding style with Tom Massel in 2nd and Bob in 3rd.


Current Stock 2wd Short Course Season Points (2 drops):

1st Uncle Bob 404
2nd Dan Dresselhouse 393
3rd Sean “007” Carney 391

Stampede Class

The Stampede class delivers every round with some enjoyable racing. These trucks are not race vehicles but these drivers are able to get them around the track with good lap times. In qualifying C.J. Boka was able to set the early TQ. Ben Belote answered this in the second round setting the overall TQ gaining the extra point for the series. At the start Mark Thompson positioned his Mean Green Stampede along the wall allowing him to skim the wall and avoid the other cars grabbing a huge lead when he entered the front straight. Ben and CJ were in hot pursuit. Sean Carney had early trouble that sent him back to last place. A few laps later Ben and CJ both passed Mark and were battling for the lead. Matt Lemorie was able to pass Mark to take over 3rd. Ben came up on lapped traffic and the big Stampede wheels got tangled up allowing CJ open track to build a large gap. Sean was able to regain his composure and charge past Mark and Matt and was gaining on Ben as he launched off the table step-down requiring the assistance of a marshal. Sean was able to get by Ben and hold second to the finish. With this win C.J. was able to force a tie in the series points with Matt. This class is far from over!!


Current Stampede Class Season Points (2 drops):
1st Matt Lemorie 400
2nd CJ Boka 400
3rd Ben Belote 397

Powder Puff Class

The girls in the Powder Puff class have been improving every race. Many of these fast girls are starting to show the boys a thing or two in the Stock classes. Joe Ferris set the overall TQ in the first round. 2nd and 3rd place on the grid was up for grabs. Sam Lori first claimed the spot with McKenzie close behind. In the third qualifier Rachel Maatta would claim the position and hold it for the main event. At the start Joe to charged ahead with her 2wd Stock Buggy. She set a pace that would not be rivaled. The first lap through the dreaded double berm jump collected Rachel allowing McKenzie and Sam to get ahead. Joe would flip her buggy on the table step-down but the marshal was on it fast and she didn’t lose any positions. McKenzie showed her experience by driving smart to minimize mistakes. Sam and Rachel slowly caught up to her. Sam was able to pass McKenzie but could not build a big gap and McKenzie’s steady pace was able to help her pass Sam back to take 2nd at the finish. These girls are really starting to get competitive. The remaining races will be very interesting.


Current Powder Puff Season Points (2 drops):
1st Joe Ferris 404
2nd McKenzie Massel 396
3rd Rachel Maatta 394

Novice Class

Another large group of new racers showed up for the 6th round of the Washtenaw Winter Series with 17 entires split between two groups. In qualifying Cade Riegle would set the early TQ as the racers were adapting to the slippery track. As qualifying concluded Cade’s early pace was only good for 6th place in the A-main. It was Colin Cambell and Jimmy Stevens that would battle in the later rounds for the overall TQ this time going to Colin with Jimmy in 2nd. At the start Colin lead the pack with smart driving not making any mistakes. Evan Rushbrook was close behind and challenging for the lead as they went over the table step-down. Colin was able to hold him off as Cade and Jimmy were also close behind. Colin and Evan ran door-to-door on the second lap until Evan flipped his truck leaving Colin free track. That gave Cade and Milo a chance to move up and challenge for 2nd as Jimmy stuffed a tube. Milo showed his growing experience and passed Cade to take over 2nd place. Michael Nabozny recovered from the early crashes that sent him to last place and passed Milo to take over second place. By mid race Jimmy was back on track challenging Michael for 2nd setting up a battle between Milo and Michael for 3rd. The tone sounded right after the leaders crossed the finish line as Jimmy made a move on Colin in the first turn to take over the lead. Jimmy drove his B5M hard down the straight with Colin very close behind. Leading to the double Jimmy caught a tube allowing Colin to pass. Then Colin spun out near the table step-down but his lead was to large for Jimmy to make up to pass. Colin takes the win by 2.125 seconds over Jimmy and Milo Spieth, with his best finish of the season, in 3rd. Colin captures his second win of the season and catapults himself to a tie for 2nd place overall.


Current Novice Class Season Points (2 drops):
1st Hunter Suriano 391
2nd Colin Campbell 388
3rd Evan Rushbrook 388

The organizers at the Washtenaw R/C Raceway would like to thank everyone for attending. All points are calculated with two drops. We also would like to thank our sponsors:

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