AE B5M gets ‘Black Diamond’ bearings


Schelle Bearings

With the release of the Team Associated 3-Gear B5M Gearbox, Schelle has stock racers covered with a new set of their famous Black Diamond Ceramic Gearbox Bearings. This set uses 4 pcs. 5×10 mm size and 2 pcs. 10x15mm size and only fits the Associated 3-gear gearbox. The upcoming MIP gearbox uses the SCH2300 B5 Ceramic Gearbox Set. Schelle ceramic metal shield bearings are part of the Black Diamond series which means they are for all-out, spare no expense racing. Precision manufactured to ABEC-3 Standards, lubed with premium bearing oil, 2 metal shield for minimum drag, and ideal for stock racers looking for some extra speed.

Source: Schelle