TLR announces new car coming soon


TLR Teaser

Team Losi Racing has just released a teaser of something new coming down the pipeline. The question remains, what is it? The obvious ’22’ reference in the release date tells us that it is something new in the 1/10 scale 22 lineup. The 22 2.0, 22-4, and 22-SCT 2.0 are too new for replacement, so that leads us to believe we are looking at perhaps a teaser for a new 22-T 2.0. The team drivers have been more active in the stadium truck classes at major events recently, and with the release of several new stadium trucks on the market (such as the Team Associated T5M), it makes sense that a new TLR stadium truck awaits behind the question mark.

Then again, who knows, maybe it’s a 22-6 6wd buggy instead? Stay tuned as on 1-22-2015 the answer will be revealed!