Apolaro & Martello win Pan American GT



The 3rd edition of the Pan American GT race was hosted in Homestead, Florida this past weekend. Racers from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, and of course the United States were in attendance. The event was divided into two classes; Open GT and 5-Port Spec GT. The event saw Paolo Morganti TQ in the Open Class, and Fabrizio Martello in the Spec Class. In the end, it was DJ Apolaro (Open Class) and Fabrizio Martello (Spec) who went on to win the hour long mains.

image1 (4)

Open Class Top 3:

  1. DJ Apolaro
  2. Rino Lino
  3. Pablo Tejada

image2 (1)

Spec Class Top 3:

  1. Fabrizio Martello
  2. Franco Desiderio
  3. Jose Sanchez

Source: IGT8