Poll: What’s next for Adam Drake?



Shocking news struck the industry last week after Horizon Hobby and TLR announced their “reshuffle”. The reshuffle appointed Kevin Gahan, TLR team manager, to Horizon Hobby Surface Team Manager. This new position makes Kevin the Team Manager of all Horizon brand surface teams (such as TLR, Spektrum, etc.). In turn, several major names associated with Horizon Hobby have been let go. Word on the street is among one of those names is the legendary Adam Drake. Drake has spent over 20+ years with Horizon and Team Losi as driver and/or employee.

With Drake’s success, knowledge, development skills, and of course racing abilities…we have no doubts that he will have no trouble finding a new home/job/sponsor, BUT the question is where will it be? Rumors and speculation have pointed in all different directions including Pro-Line Racing (who Drake has shared a close relationship with for years), Star Distribution/Novarossi USA (engines he knows like the back of his hand), Mugen Seiki (speculated due to his focus on 1/8 racing), and the list goes on and on.

Where do YOU think ‘The Drake’ will go? TAKE THE POLL!