MIP releases rebuildable 1/5 racing clutch


MIP Clutch

MIP has just released their new 8-shoe 54mm 1/5 scale clutch. As any well aware and conscientious 1/5 scalier knows, the stock clutch is non-rebuildable, its heavy, loses its edge in the first 15 minutes and fades quickly after, and most of all it takes a long time for the motor to spool up and the clutch to engage properly. With all these downfalls and swapping out $30 clutches every couple heats it was much past due for a little MIP Magic. With months of direct input from MIP’s Engineering and Race Team, MIP has come up with a true racing clutch that is superior to that of the stock clutch. MIP’s 1/5th Scale 54mm Racing Clutch hits harder, faster, its shoe longevity is vastly improved, and when shoes and springs do wear out there’s no need to ditch the entire assembly as it is completely rebuildable! 


Source: MIP