LFR unleashes Kyosho MP9E ‘Assassin’


LFR E Buggy

Leadfinger Racing announces their assault on the track by releasing the all new MP9e TKI Assassin body! Finding the right set up is key and at times can be over looked when it comes to choosing the right body. Leadfinger is proud to offer a new option this time for the Kyosho MP9 TKI electric buggy. Following in the foot steps of it’s nitro brother. The eBuggy version also aides in set up allowing you to attack the track with confidence. The time spent designing and testing has proven the Assassin’s value. Leadfinger starting by giving the body a narrower cab, adding an aggressive yet smooth rear scoop feature to the side pods and making room to incorporate either a 4s or 2s battery set up’s .

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The narrower cab design helps the straight line stability while the added side scoop feature yields more down force to the rear. This results in better rear traction, more level jumping and helps to lower the car’s overall lap times. The body is made of thick Lexan for durability. The clear masking is easy to remove and makes drawing your personal paint scheme a breeze. The Assassin’s design is hand crafted in house and made in the U.S.A. by Leadfinger.


  • Narrower cab for straight line stability
  • Aggressive side pod scoops add rear down force
  • Smooth lines aid in more level jumping
  • Thick lexan for durability
  • Clear masking for ease of paint design
  • Hand crafted design by Leadfinger
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Source: LFR