Schumacher signs Austrian Peter Pinisch



Schumacher Racing would like to announce that top Austrian driver, Peter Pinisch, will be racing the CAT K1 Aero, Cougar KF, and KR in 2015 and 2016. Peter is a former EFRA 4WD European Champion, and 3 time IFMAR Worlds A Finalist. He is also a regular EOS A finalist and has achieved an amazing 20 EFRA Euros A finals. He is a very fast and experienced racer and will be a big asset to Schumacher’s growing European offroad team.

Peter says, “First of all I would like to thank all Team Associated especially Brent Thielke and Craig Drescher for their help and support the last 12 years. After some many years of racing it is time for a change and I`m really happy to announce that Team Schumacher give me the opportunity to run their products for the next years. I am really excited to race with the new cars at major international races EOS, Euros and Worlds.”

Source: Schumacher