Plan B unveils new B5/B5M option parts


Plan B Racing

Plan B Racing, an aftermarket option parts company based in the state of Missouri, has kicked off the new year with all-new carbon fiber options for the Team Associated B5 and B5M buggys. First in line is a 5mm carbon fiber tower designed for both the B5 and B5M. The new tower incorporates the geometry of both the rear and mid motor towers into one. In addition, the new tower features additional camber link holes for further tuning options. The 5mm carbon fiber is tough, trick, and weighs the same as the stock molded tower.


Next in line is the B5M adjustable battery strap. This 2.5mm carbon fiber beauty is slotted to allow for adjustable battery positions. This means no more foam blocks! Includes aluminum posts and screws, and weighs in at 7 grams.


Last, but not least, is the B5M carbon fiber motor plate. This is a weight saving 3mm carbon fiber replacement for the standard aluminum motor plate, featuring milled pockets and sleek design. A unique idea that weighs only 10 grams.


Source: Plan B RC