Wollanka wins VRC 1/8 Sportscar Worlds


Martin Wollanka from Austria scored a well-deserved title in his 2014 VRC Worlds campaign. After having to settle for second in the 1:10 ISTC VRC Worlds right behind Kevin Pignotti, he managed to turn things around in 1:8 sportscars at Lostallo, driving to victory with a 4 seconds lead on, yes Kevin Pignotti. New kid on the block Jakub Rozycki from Poland was lapped by Wollanka at the very last lap of the race where he needed a last fuel stop as well to make it to the finish line in 3rd.

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In the 1 hour final all finalists but Rick Yelle and Holger Wolf opted for a double tire change. Wollanka and Pignotti were on exactly the same pace and tossed the lead lap after lap. A few slips here and there were going to decide the outcome of this race. With a comfortable 6 seconds lead with 5 minutes to go Wollanka had it in the pocket but then clipped one of the corners (his one and only error in this final against 4 for Pignottil…), lost 2.5 seconds and that let Pignotti back in. Rick Yelle’s strategy paid off in the end finish 5th half a lap down on the strong performing Massimo Alliprani in 4th.

Wollanka’s stats show the incredible pace of this race: fastest lap 19.514 and average lap time 19.739, just 0.22 over his fastest time! Congratulations to Martin Wollanka who gave up on his quest for the 1:8 nitro buggy Worlds to focus entirely on the 2 on-road events going on at the same time, and it did pay off!

Source: VRC