VRC Pro testing new 1/10 drift cars


VRC Drifter

Exciting news from the VRC camp today, as they have announced they are testing out new drift cars! R/C drifting has become quite popular around the globe for both competition and fun, and VRC is looking to build on that to further enhance the simulator.

VRC says, “We are working on bringing drifter cars to VRC Pro. At this moment we have some very simple drift tires and that’s it, no real effort was made in the past to create a real drifter. But as we have no real life experience with R/C drifters we are looking for feedback from members who are involved in r/c drifting. We will surely be able to develop the drifter much further with your help!”

CLICK HERE for more details and/or to help the team build upon the drifter idea!