KCRC’s 2015 New Year’s Challenge


KCRC CHallenge

Everyone kicks off the new year in different ways. Some spend New Year’s Day lounging around shaking off a hangover, while others gather at the nearby R/C track for some wheel-bangin’ fun to kick off the new year. KCRC Raceway in Shawnee, Kansas hosted their annual ‘New Year’s Challenge’, gathering 90+ hangover free R/C diehards. The single day event made for some great racing, but only a select few were able to claim their first win of 2015.

Final Results:



  1. Charlie Seitz
  2. Jaydyn Eisenbarth
  3. Sage Mayes


Stock Slash

  1. Jason McClarrion
  2. Luke Eisenbarth
  3. Don Williams

Stock Buggy

Stock Buggy

  1. Orlando Martinez
  2. Marc White
  3. Troy Evans


Open 2wd SCT

  1. Clint Seitz
  2. Wade McGuire
  3. David Kukovich

Mod Buggy

2wd Mod Buggy

  1. Dave Alberico
  2. Clint Seitz
  3. Alex Sturgeon

Mod Truck

Stadium Truck

  1. Rick Aldrich
  2. Sean Nunamaker
  3. Orlando Martinez


Short Course Buggy

  1. Trey Kline
  2. Luke Eisenbarth
  3. Don Williams

4wd Buggy

4wd Mod Buggy

  1. Dave Alberico
  2. Anthony Patterson
  3. Mike Garrison


Open 4wd SCT

  1. Joe Garton
  2. Michael Fling
  3. Matthew Fling

Stock SCT

17.5 Stock 2wd SCT

  1. Adam Kohler
  2. David Kukovich
  3. Emerson Sturgeon

CLICK HERE for more event photos.