Exotek delivers new TLR 22-4 options


Exotek TLR 22-4 Options

Exotek Racing has continued their lineup of option parts for the TLR 22-4, releasing an all-new heavy duty graphite shock tower and aluminum rear camber block with additional mounting holes. These new options join a growing list of aftermarket bling and performance hop-ups already available from the California-based accessory company. 


The heavy duty front shock tower features a stealthy matte finish 5mm thick carbon fiber. Much stiffer and stronger for consistent damper action yet still light weight due to its extra machining and the wide open shape allows air to pass through for better body aero. 1 piece shock tower eliminates the lower camber mount for improved durability and uses flat head screws for better shock tower alignment onto the bulkhead. No body clip design for easier body installation.

DSC_1476__37045.1420439761.1280.1280 DSC_1478__16087.1420439950.1280.1280 DSC_1475__61746.1420439716.1280.1280 DSC_1473__75255.1420439892.1280.1280

For the heavy duty machined 7075 rear camber block, Exotek has added 2 additional and important higher roll center mounting points at the bottom of the camber mounts. The new lower mounting points are excellent for freeing up the buggy at the rear for more mid corner steering but also increased on power traction and stability. The remaining mounting points matches the stock geometries enabling you to revert to standard settings. Available in your choice of polished black or yellow.

Source: Exotek