Cavalieri spotted with T5M stadium truck



In yet another social media “leak”, a body-off shot of what appears to be the upcoming Team Associated T5M 1/10 stadium truck has emerged. Ryan Cavalieri was spotted running the mid-motor creation at OCRC Raceway. While the origin of the photo remains unknown, it has spread like wildfire across the various forums, social media sites, and more.

The truck is labeled with decals as the T5M, which leaves us wondering if a T5 rear motor will also be available (as AE has done with the B5 and B5M). While it is a little tricky to tell, it appears the new T5M features an aluminum chassis, re-designed towers and arms, and a list of attributes found on the B5/B5M buggys. No official word of the new truck’s release has been announced, but we suspect to see more of the new truck at this weekend’s CRCRC Midwest Electric Championships.