RCN Review: Factory RC 22-4 ‘Shorty’ brace


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Without a doubt, one of the most popular 1/10 4wd buggies to hit the market this year has been the TLR 22-4. While many were skeptical of it’s resemblance to the 1990’s XX-4 buggy, it has proven to be a race winning buggy in the hands of local Joe’s and nation Pro’s. The ‘hot setup’ for the buggy has been to convert the buggy to a shorty LiPo pack, as opposed to the kit saddle LiPo pack setup. The new setup takes a little home modification here and there, which isn’t hard, but what IS hard is keeping your battery in place. The stock battery strap was not designed to hold a shorty pack in place, therefore many racers (including myself) have struggled to find a secure way to keep that shorty where it needs to be. Factory RC recognized this issue, and released their adjustable TLR 22-4 Carbon Fiber ‘Shorty’ Battery Strap. It just so happens we were lucky enough to get our hands on one, and put it to the test!

Factory Brace 1

The Factory RC Carbon Fiber 22-4 ‘Shorty’ Battery Strap is made up of durable 3mm Quasi Carbon Fiber, and features an adjustable battery stop block. The intention of this battery strap is to eliminate the gaudy gluing and random placement of foam blocks on your batteries and chassis to keep things in place. The brace allows you to run the battery forward or back, and additional battery stop blocks can be purchased if for some odd reason you feel running your shorty in the middle is the way to go. The strap includes your choice of heavy duty carbon steel screws or lightweight titanium screws.

Factory Brace 2

Before ever receiving the product, we were in love with the idea. This is a MUCH needed upgrade for TLR 22-4 shorty pack users. The big question was, is the actual product as good as the idea? Assembly of the brace is as simple as installing two screws through the brace into the provided battery stop block, adjusting it to fit snug against your battery pack, and voila you’re done! To test this baby out we hit the track crashing, bashing, and thrashing our way around in an attempt to knock the battery out of place (something that happens frequently using the stock brace), break the carbon fiber brace, and/or get the battery stop block to fail.

Factory Brace 3

Despite our valiant effort to find a flaw in the Factory RC 22-4 ‘Shorty’ carbon fiber battery brace, we failed to do so. This is a brilliant idea, a brilliant product, and WELL worth the money. The TLR 22-4 is an outstanding vehicle. There are a lot option parts on the market for the 22-4, however, we feel as though this should be at the top of any shorty pack users list before all other options. When we test junk, we’ll tell you straight up it’s junk. When we test something amazing, we’ll tell you it’s straight up amazing. The Factory RC 22-4 ‘Shorty’ battery brace is amazing. For the love of your expensive LiPos, we strongly urge you to ditch the janky foam blocks and floppy battery packs for a proper brace like this.

Factory Brace 4

Product Info
Part Number: FRC004
Website: www.Factory-RC.com