TrakPower’s new 12V DC engine heater


TKP Engine Heater

A cold engine starts harder, wears more and runs less efficiently — three problems that modelers who use the TrakPower 12V DC engine heater won’t have. Once connected to DC power and wrapped around the cylinder head, it will bring the engine up to perfect performance temperature in a matter of minutes. Once it’s at heat, a built-in temperature sensor will keep it there until the modeler shuts it off — or one of two safety features kicks in. Other features include a status LED, as well as a convenient top port that allows modelers to track temperatures or start the engine without removing the heater.

All that makes the 12V DC Engine Heater pretty much the perfect pit and performance-tuning tool: one that works automatically, shuts off the same way and does both without constant monitoring.

Source: TrakPower