WRCR Winter Series Round 4 report


WRCR Winter Series

Just before Christmas, Saturday, December 20, 2014, at the Washtenaw R/C Raceway the fourth round of the Winter Series was held. Race entries totaled 95 in 14 classes with the top drivers in the area attending. The track was in great condition and temperatures were mild. Nankin Hobbies offered all participates a raffle ticket for the Secret Santa drawing.

Race Report by Tom Erickson
Photos by Dave Ferris

2wd Mod Buggy Class

The 2wd Mod Buggy class has featured the top local drivers and this round was no exception. The return of Kenny Ferris and Chris Peterson was immediately noticed in qualifying. Kenny would set the pace with a blistering 15 lap pace in the first round. Then Chris would answer the call and beat Kenny’s time by only a second. In the third round Kenny replied besting that time by 3 seconds setting up the Main event. Forrest Remington would capture the third spot on the grid by just under 2 secs from Conner Stanley. All drivers were exhibiting sub 20 second laps. At the start of main event Kenny and Chris lead the field through the table step-down without trouble. That was not true for most of the rest of the pack. Ben Belote would get through unscathed and cross the line in 3rd place. Chris and Kenny were running clean in the initial laps and Ben was holding 3rd when Forrest ended his race with a mechanical issue. Kenny made a mistake letting Chris get by for first place about the same time that Conner caught Ben for third place. At the end of the 7 minute final Kenny would retake the lead and win his third event ahead of Chris in second, and Conner in third. Kenny would also record the fastest lap of the day in this class at 18:735 seconds.


Current 2wd Buggy Season Points (1 drop):
1st Kenny Ferris 303
2nd Chris Peterson 297
3rd Conner Stanley 295

4wd Mod Buggy Class

Some of the closest racing of the day was seen in the 4wd Buggy class with Grand Blanc’s Bradley Rippee making the long journey to join the group for the first time. Lap times were exceptionally fast with Chris Peterson setting a new track record with a 17.908 sec in the second qualifier with 16 laps setting TQ for the event. Forrest Remington would also break into the 16 lap range during qualifying good enough to start 2nd. Tom Erickson just missed the 16 lap pace but was able to hold off Bradley to start 3rd. In the Main event Bradley would get caught in the first lap sending him back to last but jump all the way back to 3rd after a mistake made by Chris. This allowed both Forrest and Tom to take command. Forrest rolled his Team Durango allowing Tom to take over the lead for a brief two laps until Chris Peterson returned to the point after dropping back to 5th place. Soon both Brad and Forrest were all over Tom’s back side to fight for the 2nd position. Tom would hold off both Bradley and Forrest to finish 2nd behind Chris. Forrest would edge out Brad for third with only a few seconds between them. With this win Chris moves up very close in points with Forrest and Tom not far behind.


Current 4wd Buggy Season Points (1 drop):
1st Forrest Remington 299
2nd Chris Peterson 297
3rd Tom Erickson 295

Open 2wd Short Course Class

The 2wd Open SCT class is a mix of fast power-plants and consistency. In qualifying Tom Erickson ran a very consistent qualifying run to set the pace for the event. He recorded a sub 21sec fast lap with a consistency of over 97% missing a 15 lap run by a few seconds. Conner Stanley was much faster on the straights and would capture the win in the second qualifier but not good enough to bump Tom off the TQ which would hold in the third round. As the main event started Conner’s speedy TLR 22SCT 2.0 with 7.5t motor would leap ahead of Tom but get caught in the tubes sending him back allowing Randy Drapinski to pass into 2nd place. Conner put down the hammer and started to clock fast laps and got by Randy quickly and set his sights on Tom. In the end Conner’s Speed and Consistency were the winner taking 1st place with Tom in second and Randy holding third.


Current Open 2wd SCT Season Points (1 drop):
1st Randy Drapinski 300
2nd Zachery Kohler 290
3rd Conner Stanley 201

2wd Mod Truck Class

The fast truck class was stacked with Stadium Truck drivers from the area. These trucks navigate the 52x100ft track with ease. Conner Stanley controlled qualifying with 14 lap runs each round. CJ Boka was close to take second on the starting grid with Dave Ferris just staying ahead of Mark Thompson to retain the third spot for the start of the A-main. Luck was not on Dave’s side as he landed a little off and broke leaving third place to Mark. Conner made a small mistake allowing CJ to get by and they ran nose to tail for much of the main event.

Mark was flying high over both the table step-down and the triple sending caution to the wind. His Losi XXXT was landing those high flying leaps without concern but it was not enough to gain the distance to catch the lead pair. Conner would plan his attack around the final turn with 3 laps to go getting by CJ on the outside. CJ made a valiant attempt to catch Conner without success. Conner would drive his TQ to a win with CJ in second and Mark in third.


Current Mod 2wd Truck Season Points (1 drop):
1st Conner Stanley 302
2nd CJ Boka 298
3rd Mark Thompson 295

4×4 Short Course Class

The powerful 4×4 Short Course class was dominated by Bradley Rippee with his TLR SCTE 2.0 Tekin powered truck running fast enough to get into the low 19 second fast lap. Starting from his TQ position in the main event he took off and never looked back winning wire to wire. The battle was on for second place with Matt Lemorie holding the position at the start with Randy Drapinski in third. Patrick DeGuise took over the third place after a few laps recovering for an early mishap setting a pace to catch Matt. Matt and Pat would go back and forth seven times before Matt had a turn of luck sending him into Randy’s targets. Randy would grap 3rd for one lap and could not hold off Matt to make the position stick. Pat would grab 2nd with a comfortable margin and Matt would finish 3rd.


Current 4×4 Short Course Season Points (1 drop):
1st Matt Lemorie 301
2nd Randy Drapinski 294
3rd Greg Shelton 292

13.5 Spec Short Course Truck class – Sponsored by Nankin Hobbies and Duratrax

Going into this forth round of the Winter Series the Spec SCT class has seen three different winners. With each driver running the same Duratrax 13.5t fixed timing motor and RC King 40c 5000mAH batteries it makes some very close racing. Mistakes can be costly with fractions of seconds separating each car. Qualifying was a battle between the previous winners; Ben Belote, Tom Erickson and Conner Stanley. Ben set the pace in the first qualifier forcing the others to challenge. Tom Erickson would set the TQ in the second round beating the previous time by 4.5 seconds. In the last round Conner was on a pace to break the 15 lap barrier but a last lap mishap would stop that causing him to miss the TQ by just over a second securing 2nd place on the starting grid. With Tom taking the TQ it was up to him to lead the pack around at the starting tone. He grabbed the tube leading the table step-down forcing him to come up short. Both Ben and Conner launched off the ramp and passed Tom like he was standing still. Conner landed just ahead of Tom making a clean pass and Ben would land hard tumbling off the racing line. Matt Lemorie was clean through all this high flying action and was able to get ahead of Ben and quickly up on Tom’s bumper. Tom caught another tube allowing Matt Lemorie to pass into 2nd position and then catching a tube himself losing the position back to Tom. Conner would stretch the lead out to 7 seconds as Ben rejoined the group setting up a three way fight for second that quickly turned into a battle for the lead as Conner retired with a mechanical issue. Ben would drop back with an infield roll over to capture 3rd place at the finish. Tom would hold off Matt to grab his second victory of the season and the points lead. Matt finished second only 4.8 seconds back from Tom showing that he wants to be the forth to take a win in this very close points war.


Current Spec SCT Season Points (1 drop):
1st Tom Erickson 300
2nd Ben Belote 299
3rd Conner Stanley 295

Stock 17.5 Buggy Class

The racing action is close in many classes this season but one driver has come out at the top in the Stock Buggy class in each round so far. Nat Potter has had to fight to win each round so far and this round was no different. Going into the last round of qualifying he had the TQ but the race was not over. Both Patrick DeGuise and Sean Carney were hunting for the top spot on the starting grid. All three were on a TQ pace with Pat and Nat swapping positions many times with Sean close behind. This looked like the Main event as Nat flipped his updated B4.1 sending him back to third and allowing Patrick to capture the TQ by almost 3 seconds. This was Pat’s chance to take a win away from Nat. At the start Pat got out clean and both Sean and Nat got tangled up letting Joe Ferris and Jay Johnson by. This was short lived as both Pat and Sean put it in overdrive. Less than half the race was behind them when Patrick was collected by a marshal that stepped right into his line allowing Nat to pass for the lead. Sean was left behind as both Nat and Pat would race hard for the win. Nat held the top spot for his 4th consecutive win of the season.


Current 2wd Stock Buggy Season Points (1 drop):
1st Nat Potter 302
2nd Sean Carney 297
3rd Joe Ferris 291

Stock 17.5 Truck Class

The Stock Truck class has also only seen one winner so far this season. Uncle Bob has show his consistency so far this season taking both TQ and Win in each round. Dan and Andy Dresselhouse have started to challenge Bob more each race. Another factor is CJ Boka who can always get our in front. Bob started the tone for the day by setting a pace in the first qualifier that could not be beat. The remaining spots were not solidified until the last qualifier with CJ edging out Dan for the 2nd position. At the start the top three got off very clean and smooth with Bob running a very consistent pace. Behind him Dan was closing in on CJ and eventually passed him to get up to second place. In the closing laps Bob had a few mishaps and Dan was on one of his most consistent runs and was closing each lap. The lead was down to less than 5 seconds as they entered the last lap which was too much for Dan to overcome unless Bob made an error. No errors occurred and Uncle Bob captured his 4th win of the season. Dan finished 2nd as he has done in almost every round and CJ finished the podium in 3rd. This may be a two horse race for the series with Dan capturing one TQ so far and within shooting distance.


Current Stock Truck Season Points(1 drop):
1st Uncle Bob 303
2nd Dan Dresselhouse 298
3rd Andy Dresselhouse 292

Stock 17.5 Short Course Truck Class

By far the largest class this season is the Stock SCT Class with more than 14 drivers still able to complete the series and more than 20 unique entries. In this round there were so many that we were certain to have a B-main. Pressure was on to qualify well to ensure a spot in the A-main. Again it was Uncle Bob to set the early TQ pace with Patrick DeGuise, Dan Dresselhouse and Sean Carney also pressing hard. Dan Dresselhouse came close in the second round after Bob retired with only 1 second back from the early pace. When the dust settled on the third round Uncle Bob would set a new TQ with Patrick in second, Sean in third and Dan in fourth. The start was smooth for Bob and Pat allowing them to check out and get ahead of the pack. Bob maintained a solid pace with very consistent laps and was never challenged during the 7 minute main. Dan recovered from an early crash passed Sean Carney and began to pressure Patrick for the second spot closing to within 2 seconds finishing in 3rd place. Brendan Suriano would win the B-Main in his first race after moving up from the Novice class.


Current Season Points:
1st Uncle Bob 303
2nd Dan Dresselhouse 295
3rd Sean “007” Carney 294

Stampede Class

The stampede class seems to draw more people every race. This race Sean Carney decided to join the fun but it was CJ Boka that would take the TQ after qualifying was over. This class has a few unique rules like reverse being legal and they start in a land rush style. Some of these Stampedes are tricked out with special paint and added features like LEDs to add to the fun. At the start of the main event Matt Lemorie popped to a quick lead with main stay Milo Spieth right behind him. At the bottom of the table step-down Milo would roll his Maximum Destruction Stampede collecting Ben Belote. CJ avoided the collision and even jumped ahead of Matt as they cross the start-finish line the first time. On the second lap Matt was able to speed past CJ with his Lamborghini bodied Stampede to take the lead and never look back. Sean had third early on but trouble ended his day. Ben was able to get through both Milo, Sean, and Mark Thompson to get back to his starting position of third. On the sixth lap he passed CJ and they diced for a few laps with CJ ending up in 2nd at the end. Ben would remain in 3rd for the day allowing CJ to stay within 2 points of Matt of the overall series.


Current Stampede Class Season Points (1 drop):
1st Matt Lemorie 301
2nd CJ Boka 299
3rd Ben Belote 296

Powder Puff Class

Some very familiar names are making their mark in the powderpuff class. Ferris, Massel, Dresselhouse, and Thompson all showing that their just as good as the boys!! Joe Ferris has been dominating this class so far this year but Rachel Maatta and McKenzie Massel are really starting to add pressure to her. Add Amada Dresselhouse to the mix and you have some serious competition. Kymm Thompson and Chana Buckley also showed that their skills have improved too. Fast lap times are starting to get closer each round. In qualifying both Amanda and Rachel drove their new SC10s well pressing hard for the best starting position. McKenzie was in the mix as well with a rental Slash but it was Joe driving a rental Slash again grabbed the TQ this round. McKenzie was 2nd, Rachel 3rd, and Amanda 4th to set the grid for the start. When the tone sounded Joe took off with McKenzie and the rest in full force. The Rental Slash was a little slippery for McKenzie as she slid out around the first lap dropping back to last place. This allowed Joe and Rachel to build up a large lead with Amanda in third. An apparent transmission issue ended Amanda’s run for the podium leaving the last spot available for Kymm, Chana, and McKenzie. Mckenzie would come out on top with a 3rd place finish. Joe continues her domination and the Powder Puff trophy!


Current Powder Puff Season Points (1 drop):
1st Joe Ferris 303
2nd McKenzie Massel 297
3rd Kymm Thompson 292

Novice Class

With the winner of the last race moving up to Stock SCT class there was again another chance for a new winner of the Novice class this round. Eleven entries in this class meant that qualifying was very tough for everyone….except Jaxon Boister. Jaxon was able to weave between wrecked cars and jump the triple almost making 12 laps in five minutes. At the start of the main event Jaxon was not able to hold the lead slipping back to 3rd place. Collin Campbell started from 2nd place and avoided the early trouble and took the early lead. Jason Jeppesen started in third and was able to stay near the lead pack crossing the line in 4th place. Starting 4th on the grid was Evan Rushbrook who stayed clear of early mishaps and crossed the line in 2nd place. As the opening laps started to unfold Jaxon first passed Evan to take over 2nd place by avoid further crashes. Behind him Hunter Suriano, last races 2nd place finisher, move up into the 4th spot passing Jason. Jaxon closed in on Collin and passed him for the lead as the lead pack started to catch the back of the pack to start lapping slower cars. Jason then started to make some moves and got around Hunter and then met up with Jaxon as he struggled with lapped traffic eventually passing him and Evan to take over third place as Collin started to gap the others. All of these drivers were on the same lap! By the start of the last lap Evan had regained 2nd place ahead of Jason. Jaxon was in 4th with Hunter close behind. The race is never over until you cross the finish line. Collin was able to maintain his lead on the last lap winning with a 12 second advantage over 2nd place. The order would nearly flip flop behind Collin with Hunter passing Jaxon, Jason, and Evan to capture 2nd place. Evan would loose only one place and finish 3rd to round off the podium for the day. Mark Rushbrook, who was back as far as 7th place was waiting for his moment and jumped ahead of both Jaxon and Jason and finished 4th only 0.34 seconds behind Evan leaving 5th for Jason and 6th for Jaxon. Jaxon had the fastest lap and Hunter was the most consistent. Amazing racing in the Novice class! A new winner is crowned with Collin Campbell and Hunter takes over the points lead.


Current Novice Class Season Points (1 drop):
1st Hunter Suriano 295
2nd Jason Jeppesen 292
3rd Evan Rushbrook 288

This program is located just south of Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds. The heated facility is a 100x52ft track with large driver’s stand and pit area. Our nine race series allows two drops leading to the series title. In additional to the track and pit space there is a full-service Trackside hobby shop provided by Nankin Hobbies. See all details at www.wrcr.biz .

Also there will be an Alzheimer’s benefit Trophy race on December 27th, 2014 with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Association. The Farm council donated the building for this event. Trophies are provided by Nankin Hobbies.

Our next event will be Round#5 on Saturday January 3rd, 2015 racing on a new layout. Doors open at 8AM.

The organizers at the Washtenaw R/C Raceway would like to thank everyone for attending. All points are calculated with 1 drop. We will calculate the points with both drops after the 6th round. We also would like to thank our sponsors!

Source: WRCR