Pignotti defends his VRC WC crown


Young Italian Team Associated factory racer Kevin Pignotti has successfully defended his 2013 title in 1:10 200mm nitro on-road class. Only Jeffrey Rietveld (NL) and fresh 1:12 champion Rick Yelle (US) managed to stay within 2 laps in the 1 hour A-Main to finish 2nd and 3rd.

A relatively poor semi final finish (only 6th) gave Kevin’s fellow competitors hope that the 2013 champ was perhaps a bit rusty, but Kevin showed no remorse in the 60 minute final. For the first 10 minutes young Ducth racer Jeffry Rietveld stayed very close with Kevin and the 2 tossed p1 several times, but after the 2nd pit stop Kevin showed a relentless pace and slowly drove away from Jeffrey and the rest of the field. All racers had opted for a tire change half way the 1 hour final, so there was no strategic advantage to be gained by trying to stay out for the whole race, all racers had done their homework well!

For sure Pignotti will be one of the hot favorites for 2 more titles this year, 1:8 nitro on-road and 1:10 ISTC.

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1 Kevin Pignotti IT Pro 194 60:03.852
2 Jeffrey Rietveld NL Pro 192 60:02.358
3 Rick Yelle US Pro 192 60:14.602
4 Simon Wood GB Pro 190 60:02.618
5 Paolo Massari IT Pro 190 60:14.956
6 Benjamin Lehmann DE Pro 190 60:23.790
7 Graham Raistrick GB Pro 189 60:00.804
8 Holger Wolf DE Pro 188 60:07.644
9 Chris Stack AU Pro DNS
10 Bill Lykaris GR Pro DNS

Source: VRC World