O’Donnell granted Novarossi distribution



In a surprise announcement, Novarossi has announced they are teaming up with 30+ year engine and R/C guru Steve O’Donnell. Most famous for his championship winning fuel in the early 2000’s, O’Donnell has played a part in everything from fuel and engines, to designing a full car of his own (ran by Jared Tebo at the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships).


Novarossi has granted distribution of the “LINE NOVA” engines for the United States and Canada to Steve O’Donnell’s ‘Star Distribution’ company. Star Distribution, based out of Riverside, California, has taken immediate distribution of these engines.


The “TOP” and “REX LINE” engine distribution is led by William Shore of SMT Distributing for the USA and Canada.

So why the sudden change in distributorship for the USA and Canada? Novarossi says, “The decision taken today has immediate effect following a conflictual situation that many of the US and Canadian fellow racers were able to notice this year.”

Source: Novarossi