TQ Raceway Winter Series Round 5 report



TQ Raceway in Chino California hosted the 5th round of the Winter Series on December 21st. Over 90 Onroad racers were in attendance from all over California, Nevada and Arizona. TQ boast one of the fastest growing indoor carpet facilities in the southwest. With Joe from HPI at the helm racing commenced. All skill levels were present from the Expert-Pro’s to the Novice racers. The Great thing about the Series is it encompasses so many types of cars; Touring Cars, World GT, F1, 1/12th scale, Mini’s, Front Wheel Drive, so there is something for everyone.IMG_8857

Rookie Sedan would start things off. Many of the racers gathered around the track during this one to encourage and cheer on the new racers. Robert Bock would take the win followed by Alex Thamrin 2nd and Nathan Gursslin 3rd

F1 is by far one of the coolest looking classes on the track with realistic looing F1 paint schemes and even break lights. F1 Saw Tuning Haus’s Bill Jeric take the TQ and Win followed by Steven Jackson 2nd and Panda 3rd


GT-10 is another of the realistic classes that use very scale looking cars but with a TC chassis. Calvin Simmons TQ would take the win over Roel Espina 2nd and Paul Dabao 3rd


Front Wheel Drive would end up the favorite class to watch by many in attendance. These cars have mostly realistic paint schemes too but a speed that makes them fun to drive. Wendra would start in the TQ spot but it didn’t mean much as the guys would line up on a starting gate for this one. When the gate lifted it was a 6-car battle into the first corner. They would all swap positions so many times it was hard to keep up with. Frank Liu would take the win followd by Lason Laurel 2nd and John Burton 3rd


1/12th scale was broken up into 2 classes 17.5 and 13.5. Tony Neisinger ex multi time world champion was back again this weekend running both classes but unfortunately made it to the track late. Tony would struggle in 17.5 bumping from the B to the A. During the 48 lap A-main the top 4 would check out on the rest of the field with a 4 car freight train. Jeffery Fink who was TQ lead the field until a mistake cost him the lead. In the end it would be James Banta taking the win followed by Jeffery Fink 2nd and Steve Burgess 3rd.


In 13.5 Dave Berger would take TQ honors for the 52 lap A-Main. This time Tony Neisinger was better prepared and would make a charge along with Evan Morey who made the trek out from Arizona to race but the ever smooth Dave Berger would not be denied the win. Dave Berger 1st, Evan Morey 2nd, Tony Neisinger 3rd.


World GT 13.5 made a comeback this weekend with 5 drivers making the show. These cars are pan car in design with 1/10th scale body’s Steven Jackson TQ would also take the Win followed by Matt Siu 2nd and Dillon Hoffman 3rd.


17.5 Touring Car saw Phil Goodwine take TQ with new X-ray chassis. The Goodwine’s recently made the switch to X-ray from VBC. Phil was out shaking down the car in preparation for the “Snowbirds” Current Points Leader Brian Cross would have to strap it up to keep his points alive as Walter Ma was on point too. When the tone sounded it quickly became a 2 car race between Goodwine and Cross. Several min in Cross would traction roll in the sweeper giving Goodwine some breathing room, but Goodwine would give it all away getting it wrong in the chicane which allowed Cross to catch him. The two would swap positions for several laps until Goodwines car stepped out and Cross collected him. Unfortunately Goodwine would end up with a body tuck until the turn marshal could fix it. In the mean time MA was on fire coming up through the field but would run out of time. In the end it would be Brian Cross with the Win followed by Walter Ma 2nd and Phil Goodwine 3rd.


13.5 Touring Car comprised mostly of sponsored drivers is one of the toughest class in the series. Stemming all the way to the C main many drivers would be denied the big show. Sean Williams would sit TQ with a lot of guys wanting his position. As the tone sounded it was an 8-car train into the first corner. The cars looked like a snake going through the infield nose to tail. Khuong would capitalize on a mistake from Williams that dropped him all the way down to 4th. Williams and Jeric would battle it out as the top 3 stretched it out. Duy Khuong would just eek out the Win over Alex Navarrete 2nd and Kyle Goodwine in 3rd.



Race report and photos by Rugspin Graphix