Chris Sturdy wins 2014 VRC SC Worlds


Surprise from ‘down under’: Chris Sturdy is the new VRC World Champion Open Class SC Trucks! A fantastic drive for this CLUB level racer, beating the very best PRO racers in this class! The 18 year old Aussie was a big unknown, finishing just 69th in the Season 3 Series, but at this Worlds he got his act together to finish 1 lap clear of Wollanka and Loriot who made up the podium.


The 2014 Worlds Open Class SC Truck Main final was a 15 minute long race, forcing a pit stop midway to change the battery pack. Sturdy was one of the first to go for a new pack, Wollanka, who had been tossing for the lead with Sturdy for most of the first half of this final, came in for a fresh LiPo pack 2 laps later, but saw his 3 seconds lead diminished to less than a second. Sturdy charged hard, Wollanka answered in style but pushed it too hard, blowing his chance to fight for the World Championship until the last lap to pieces. Young Nicolas Loriot lost the race at the first few minutes of the main final, making too many errors dropping him back to 8th. After he got steady he was able to fight back to a podium place!


  1. Chris Sturdy AU Club 23 15:38.031
  2. Martin Wollanka AT Pro 22 15:08.963
  3. Nicolas Loriot FR Pro 22 15:22.880
  4. Quentin Le Gall FR Pro 22 15:33.789
  5. James Le Pavoux GB Sport 22 15:36.483
  6. Barnabás Tóth HU Pro 22 15:37.518
  7. Thomas NUZZACI FR Sport 21 15:03.772
  8. Robert Hillman SE Pro 21 15:17.263
  9. Marc Doucet FR Pro 21 15:21.180
  10. Francis Wathlet BE Pro 20 15:00.586

With 4 finalists in the A-Main, France was the favorite to win the Nations Cup and they did in convicing style, leaving Australia and Austria behind them!

  1. France 612 N. Loriot (3.), Q. Le Gall (4.), T. NUZZACI (7.), M. Doucet (9.), M. Puysilloux (12.)
  2. Australia 440 C. Sturdy (1.), D. Lord (16.), D. Pryor (41.), S. Van Gisbergen (44.), W. Lazich (51.)
  3. Austria 414 M. Wollanka (2.), T. Rössler (28.), M. Hauenschild (31.), W. Hoffelner (34.), E. Fisi (72.)

Source: VRC