XRAY sweeps all classes at Slovakia Cup


XRAY Sweep

The 2nd round of famous Slovakian race took place at prestigious Hudy Arena in Trencin, Slovakia. The race was again about funny moments, good mood, but mainly about racing and competition. It was XRAY chief Juraj Hudy who took first place in every 1/10 offroad category and also in F1 category with his unbeaten X1. In modified category was the fastest man XRAY’s David Nemcek who got his first 1st place this year at Slovakia cup after previous 2nd place and now he is in the overall lead in modified class with 12 point margin. 

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Oliver Havranek with his XRAY T4 dominated the stock category once again and secured his lead in front of Tono Sloboda who finished second. XRAY X10 driven by Igor Lipták won the pan car category and Igor is now in first place in overall result with 12 points in front of Rudo Kadlecik.

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1/10 off-road 2WD
1. Juraj Hudy – XRAY XB4 2WD
2. Michal Nagy
3. Milos Svihran

1/10 off-road 4WD
1. Juraj Hudy – XRAY XB4
2. Tomas Liptak – XRAY XB4
3. Adam Janovic

1/10 formula
1. Juraj Hudy – XRAY X1
2. Tono Sloboda
3. Andrej Vnucko

1/10 pan car
1. Igor Liptak – XRAY X10
2. Andrej Vnucko
3. Rudo Kadlecik

1/10 TC Stock 21.5
1. Oliver Havranek – XRAY T4
2. Tono Sloboda
3. Mario Zila

1/10 TC Modified
1. David Nemcek – XRAY T4
2. Igor Liptak – XRAY T4
3. Oliver Havranek – XRAY T4

Source: XRAY