Jefferies doubles up at BRCA 1/12 Nats


Olly Jefferies

The 2014/15 BRCA 1/12 nationals headed to the popular Tamworth club for round three of the series. Heading into the event Olly Jefferies had already got two maximum scores from the previous rounds and was looking to make it three from three. Making the trip over from Germany was Markus Mobers to add to the already competitive field and would prove to be Olly’s biggest challenge across the weekend.

Jefferies and Mobers would swap fastest times throughout Saturday, Olly would win the final round of qualifying but due to the track being slower than previous rounds he was unable to improve and would line up second, one thousands of second behind Mobers. The final would be an exciting eight minutes, the front two ran nose to tail for the entire race, Olly was able to make a clean pass and would lead to the end. Mobers applied pressure lap after lap and even tried a last lap pass but Olly would cross the line first to take the win. The top two would finish a lap ahead of the rest.

Final Results Stock:

  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. Markus Mobers
  3. Mark Stiles
  4. Chris Kerswell
  5. David Spashett

Onto Sunday and open modified, once again Mobers and Jefferies would be closely matched through qualifying with Jefferies coming out on top to take TQ but 3 seconds. The modified A final would again but a close battle which came down to the final corner of the last lap, Mobers tried a pass around the outside but with both cars running out of track both cars touched. Olly would make it across the finish line first to take the win.

Final Results Modified:

  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. Markus Mobers
  3. David Spashett
  4. Mark Stiles
  5. Andy Murray
  6. Chris Kerswell
  7. Mick Farrell
  8. Chris Ashton
  9. Aiden Ripley
  10. Adam Catchpole

With three wins from three Olly is now in the position to wrap up both stock and modified championships at round four in January.

Source: XRAY