RDRP gets greasy with new diff greases


RDRP Grease

Revolution Design Racing Products introduce their new line of dedicated greases for the use with ball differentials and thrust races. The Ultra Ball Diff Grease was previously sold under the Vampire Racing brand and now makes a revival in Revolution Design’s chem series. Although gear differentials are becoming a more common site in today’s vehicles, ball differentials are still a welcome tuning option when running in low to medium grip conditions. The grease also works very well in pan and formula cars. The white-colour ball diff grease comes in cups of 5g. Also new is the black thrust race grease. Containing finely ground graphite for improved load stability the lubricant is ideally used on the thrust races of ball differentials. Like the diff grease the thrust race lube comes in a handy cup containing 5g of grease.

Source: RDRP