Malaysian offroad racers form the MRC



Besides the regular FEMCA sanction national league in Malaysia, a group of R/C offroad enthusiast; RC NGO Club, RC Local Hobby Shops, RC Off-road racers and RC Off-road icons have collaborate to organize an all region championship in Malaysia in 2015 called Malaysia Regional Championship (Off-road) League, MRC for short.

The MRC organization says, “The collaboration is made possible by synergizing each of the expertise and skill sets that exist within this pioneer group, both from their normal professional 9-5 career and passion towards the RC Motorsports combined. Yes, we are positioning RC as a motorsports, be it an RC Motorsports Hobby or RC Motorsports racing. In MRC, it will be an RC Motorsports (Off-road) Racing as the primary activity amongst others.”

“MRC primary objective is quite simple and straight forward; to boost the Malaysia RC Industry through the MRC program, of which it shows unity for one purpose, everyone and anyone can race in RC Motorsports.”

MRC (Off-Road) League 2015 will be conducted separately in 5 regions;

  1. Northern Region covering 3 states
  2. Central Region covering 3 states
  3. Southern Region covering 3 states
  4. Eastern Region covering 3 states,
  5. Borneo Region covering 3 states.

“MRC (Off-Road) will be combining existing pockets of regional leagues and fun racers into one big nationwide league under the MRC flagship. Of which come year end 2015, a nationwide championship representing each of the 5 regions will battle it out in 2 grand final,; MRC (Off-Road) Grand Final A and MRC (Off-Road) Grand Final B. MRC (Off-Road) Grand Final A is for the best of the best from each region, and MRC (Off-Road) Grand Final B is the best of the ‘average Joe’ from each region whom we see as the dominant R/C market movers in Malaysia RC community and RC industry. Our MRC (Off-Road) 2015 initiative will also benefit RC racers who does not have the ‘huge and thick’ wallet but have the skills to be a top racers as they will or may potentially only travel far once to attend the MRC Grand Finals in 2015.”

“It will not be an easy task to conduct MRC 2015 because it involves so many parties but we have lots of support from lots of people in and off the RC Community in Malaysia. In preparing ourselves for a successful implementation of a nationwide Malaysia Regional Championship (Off-Road) League 2015, we have done a nationwide internet media promotion amongst the RC community in Malaysia as well as neighbouring countries in Thailand as well as Singapore and Indonesia.”

For more details visit the new MRC Facebook page HERE!